ContinuingEducationFor Oregon Contractors

Q- How do I submit my Big Step Training CE (PDF) certificates to the Oregon CCB?

A- Send your course completion certificates (PDF’s) to​. Make sure your CCB number is on the certificate or in the email.

Q- How many hours of continuing education are required by the Oregon CCB?

A- It depends. For residential (includes small commercial) licensed contractors learn more here | commercial licensed contractors learn more here and/or contact the Oregon CCB by calling 503-934-2227 | email:

Q- Why aren’t there any quizzes within each video?

A- The Oregon CCB has determined that like anything in life, it is up to the individual to decide how little or how much to get out of any type of class or course. Therefore, we do not wish to tie you down with quizzes. Rather, we hope that you can find the videos that you can truly appreciate and naturally decide to pay attention to.

Q- Why am I not charged upfront?

A- We want you to fully try before you buy. We also want you to settle on the videos that you can appreciate and that you can get the most out of. We don’t want you to be stuck paying upfront, then suddenly feeling forced to sit through an entire video that you are not even paying attention to. Also you may rewatch any of our training videos for free.

Q- May I watch videos just to learn on my own, even if I currently do not need any CEU’s?

A- Yes.

Q- May I review the instructors’ resume/bio?

A- Yes.  William Fig  | Al Cobb | Randy Stenger

Q- How do I resolve any complaints I may have, including length of time to contact me?

A- We will respond to you during normal business hours to resolve any problems that may arise.

Q- What is your policy if I request a refund or course cancellation request?

A- We do not charge any fees unless you decide to certify your completion at the very end of each video course, therefore we do not have any type of cancellation, exchange or return policy.

Q- After I begin watching any of the free video courses, then what is the length of time I have to complete/pay each video course to receive credit?

A- 30 days. If it takes longer than 30 days, then its no big deal, simply re-watch the video course from the beginning.